Monday, June 05, 2006

Some Photos

Sidney of the Kazungula milk co-op weighs the sorghum heads as part of the Sorghum growing competition.

Some of my Zambian Family, they really enjoy Dancing, which they were doing just before I asked to take this picture. Warren (3) is in the pink coat which was not doubt passed down from all the women in the Family.

The number one stop in Dambwa North for your morning bread fix. I generally eat some buns or bread from this shop for breakfast during my walk to the office. Zambians generally won't smile for a picture, they will be pretty serious, but I can guarantee they were smiling before and after the photo.

Some great Sorghum drying in the sun before being thrashed. 2 weeks ago I'd never seen Sorghum, in a few months I will be advising farmers who've been growing it for years on what the best methods are to improve their yield. Some call this the "Mozungu factor". (Mozungu is what Zambians call whites.)

A nice shot of our House, note the brooms, bars and the well swept porch!


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